In recent years, kmt-flon GmbH has specialized in the production of technical components in the field of PTFE and the distribution of PTFE semi-finished products. We manufacture sealing rings and other sealing elements for various industries. In addition to a wide variety of turned parts, we also manufacture PTFE milled parts for the food industry, laboratory and medical technology and many other industries.

We have developed our expertise over the last 10 years and are now specialists in PTFE processing. Of course, the material we use also contributes to our success. Our PTFE (and compounds) is very easy to process and is very resistant in quality.

In addition, plates, blanks and hollow rods as well as round rods made of PTFE are included in our extensive range.

Virgin PTFE

Our virgin PTFE is, as the name implies, pure PTFE. The color of this material is white and it has a somewhat waxy appearance. It is particularly easy to machine and thus process well. This material can withstand service temperatures from -200 to +260°C. In addition, it is characterized by its chemical resistance. It is thus particularly suitable in all areas where high temperatures and/or multiple chemicals are used.

PTFE compounds

In addition to the pure material, we also offer PTFE with additives. This means that additives are incorporated into the base material PTFE to improve a specific property of the material. For example, the material can be mixed with glass fiber to make it firmer and more stable. Charcoal is added to make this plastic antistatic and to improve its wear properties.